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I Came across an awesome TED Talk on  – How to speak so that people want to listen by Julian Treasure. Have 10 minutes to invest? Check out the video below..


Digital India – Facts and figures

Here is an updates presenation on all stats and figures you need to know about Digital India. It includes number of phone users, number of internet in India, internet speed, smart phone trends, number of facebook – twitter – instagram users, etc. Snapshot of Digital India- March 2016 from Ethinos Digital Marketing


I have planned to start a weekly new wrap up for e commerce and start up related news. Here are a few interesting stories from this week – Amazon was in talks to buy Flipkart for 11 billion USD – shocking isn’t it? There was a news of Alibaba trying to acquire a proportion of this […] Read More


Online shopping trends for Kids products

I remember the days growing up as kid where I was taken to shop during Diwali and my birthday, and the shopping place used to be the local cloth market due to very few malls present those days. Later-on came the days of shopping in malls which had various brands though not all under one […] Read More


The digital footprint in India is stronger and powerful than never before. All thanks to mobile internet. The new government has taken several initiatives regarding this new form of communication. Here is an infographic on all you wanted to know about Digital India Initiative: Infographic source – WebRRR